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Container Security Assessment

Containerizing your applications in the cloud can leave your DevOps vulnerable and open to threats. Automate container configuration assessment and composition analysis across the SDLC for safer and faster deployments

Container security solution for Docker and Kubernetes

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Detect vulnerabilities early

As containerization become mainstream, it's important to shift left and detect vulnerabilities in base images before production. with container composition analysis to avoid security issues down the line causing delays 

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Prevent misconfigurations

Whether you manage deployment through the cloud providers or directly via an API we help DevOps ensure configuration settings are up to date, and prevent data leaks through automated checks against CIS benchmarks

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Deploy containers securely

Our cloud and container assessment tools homogenize the security controls and checks across multiple cloud and container service providers in a single platform to ensure a secure deployment in and out of the cloud

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DevSecOps integration

Bring SecOps and DevOps workflow together across the SDLC with integrated and automated infrastructure, application, IaaS and container assessment to make security threats a thing of the past and achieve greater efficiency

Security assessment for containerized apps

application security

Container Composition Anaylsis

Shift left and automate software composition analysis to detect vulnerabilities disguised in Docker registries before  they can affect your production

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Configurations Assessment

We help you harden Docker and Kubernetes container configurations and prevent security policy violations across nodes to minimize the risk of data leak

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Maintain Secure Code

Minimize human errors in code that may introduce vulnerabilities into your container through our continuous application scanning and secure code training for developers

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Drive DevSecOps Efficiency

Track application security and streamline cloud deployment with to providing complete security coverage in the speed of DevOps to keep your business moving through continuous monitoring

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Cloud API Automation

Create better workflow efficiencies and ensure faster deployment with our open Cloud API to integrate with your toolchain and monitor changes automatically 

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Full Protection across the SDLC

With speed as the driving force in DevOps, our tools help embed security testing in the SDLC and for end to end protection

Complete Security Assessment for DevOps and the SDLC 

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Container Security

The adoption of containers for packaging and delivering applications has revolutionized software development. Although containers are isolated, they share the same Operating System, binaries and libraries with other platforms and applications. Cloudsec Inspect hardens container engine configuration and secures against CVEs in the images.

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DevOps Security

Agile development requires robust security across the SDLC. Our DevOps security testing solutions cover developer training, API security testing, DAST scanning, cloud configuration assessment with manual testing and container inspection to give you the most complete view of application risks with real-time alerts to prioritize mitigation actions.

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Cloud security

Cloudsec Inspect protects your cloud assets and maintains your shared responsibility with CWPP and CSPM to continuous monitor of your risks in the public clouds, whether you’re just beginning a cloud migration, need help with compliance, or deep into multi-cloud operations and requiring continuous assessment. 

Outpost24 helps to foster trust in public cloud platforms by empowering customers to tighten their security, so reducing risks for ASP Serveur because we are in a multi-tenant infrastructure

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More Information about Container Security 

We defend you from hackers by thinking like them. Find out more about our Container security tools.

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On-demand Webinar

external network security whitepaper

Securing Publics Cloud guide

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Container Security Datasheet

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 Security Infographic

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